Can you book tickets for Tabarca?

No tickets are available daily at our ticket booth.

Where I can buy my ticket for Tabarca?

Our ticket booth is located on the promenade marina in Alicante, in front of our boats. visit the location map in the “contact” section of our website.

When I can buy my ticket?

The ticket booth is open daily approximately 45 minutes before departure. Please check out our schedule on our website.

Can i use my return ticket in another different day?

If you plan to stay in the Tabarca keep your ticket and do not worry, you can use back the day you decide to return to Alicante. Please let us know before landing back plans to put the day of our departure times. Not to be the cause of you to stay on the Island.

To what age children need tickets?

Children over 5 years need ticket to ride.

Can my pet travel with me?

We know how important your pet is to you, please bring it on board if you want.

Can i take my luggage with me ?

Yes, we have room to bring your luggage.



How many people from this offer can receive us?

We consider the special offer for groups of 20 people.

What should I do to hire this offer?

Please contact us via our form on our website (“Contact”), specifying the number of people who plan to travel and the day for the trip.