Ship scheludes and tickets

 Travels on Ship to Isla de Tabarca

The crossing takes an average of 50 min. Round trip Ticket  19 €*
*Chindren until 4 years old free travel. From 5 years old normal tariff.



DAILY DEPARTURES ( From Monday to Sunday)


From 1 March to 22 June and from 16 September to 15 December:


Departure from Alicante: 11.00 h


Departure from Tabarca: 16.30 h


From 23 June to 15 September:


Departure from Alicante: 11.00 h, 12.15 h and 13.30 h


Departure from Tabarca: 16.30 h and 18.00 h




*Please, due to different climatic changes, you can confirm by tlf any possible change in departure times. It is not possible to pay by credit card.