Cruceros Kontiki

Boat trips between Alicante and  Tabarca Island.


Departure Alicante: 11.00h

Return Tabarca:  16.30 h

The trip costs 19€* and takes around 50 min.

*It is not possible to pay by credit card.

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Kontiki Crueros was founded in 1966 as a pioneer in maritime passenger transport in the province of Alicante. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit inaguraron Tabarca Alicante-line, journey since then cover annually.


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Tabarca Island

The Island of Alicante; well worth a visit at any time of year.  It is without doubt a Mediterranean symbol and tourist attraction.     The marine reserve is home to a unique marine biodiversity. Be sure to also taste the rice and dishes of the Island. 

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Hen Nights Party

 On board our Catamaran every Saturday from April to October develops best hen nights and group parties with entertainment on board, DJs and shows that will make Saturday night unique and unforgettable.


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